CineLink Industry Days Reveals Projects Selected For CineLink Drama 2024

CineLink Drama has unveiled six promising drama series from Southeast Europe for its upcoming lineup

CineLink Drama, a flagship program of the CineLink Industry Days dedicated to supporting drama projects in their development stages, has unveiled six promising drama series from Southeast Europe for its upcoming lineup. These projects will be refined during an on-site workshop in Slano, Croatia, with a focus on script development and story editing with an aim of better positioning these projects in the market.

CineLink Drama has been specifically designed to cater to the evolving needs of the regional  industry. By bringing together professionals from diverse fields such as screenwriting, production, direction, and broadcasting, CineLink Drama strives to foster creativity and collaboration within the Southeast European television industry. It serves as a platform for pitching and developing original TV series projects, while also providing valuable networking opportunities and industry insights.

The selected projects will be presented at a highly anticipated pitching session during the Sarajevo Film Festival on August 20. This CineLink Drama pitching session will also feature additional projects that have been directly selected for the market. Details on these selections will be announced in the coming weeks. As a co-financing forum, CineLink Drama presents selected projects to key European and regional broadcasters, VoD, SVoD operators, and distributors, providing a vital platform for pitching and advancing original TV series projects.

Furthermore, CineLink Drama offers two prestigious awards: the Croatian Audiovisual Center Drama Award, which includes a prize of €15,000, and the TV Drama Vision Pitch Award, where one project is selected for presentation at the TV Drama Vision event in Göteborg.

CineLink Drama selected projects:


Creator/Writer/Director: Cristina Groșan

Producer: Anda Ionescu

Co-producer: Marek Novák

Production Company: Tangaj Production 

Co-production Company: Xova Film

Countries: Romania, Czech Republic

A midwife uses home-made arsenic to free a woman from her violent husband. But very quickly, more and more women seek her help, leading to a poison epidemic in the name of justice.


Creators/Writers/Directors: Ipek Ural Demirel, Ali Demirel

Producers: Diloy Gulun, Beste Yamalioglu

Production Company: Karma Films

Country: Türkiye

Ozan, a promising Turkish man, and Emma, his adventurous German partner, embark on a hopeful journey to Berlin, but their dreams shift dramatically into a mysterious crime caper after biting into a magic döner, leading them to run a convenience store unexpectedly.


Creator/Writer: Filip Jokanović

Director: Sara Stijović 

Producers: Jon Gojani, Sara Stijović 

Production Company: Kot Productions

Co-production company: Tiny Sofa 

Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro

A priest and his family move to a war-torn Bosnian village, where they're beset by 10 Biblical Plagues. To save it, they must find the previous priest's body, revealing the village's dark past.


Creator: Alek Popov

Writers: Alek Popov, Delyana Maneva

Director: Ilian Djevelekov

Producers: Mila Voinikova, Pece Taleski, Stefan Orlandić

Production Company: Miramar Film

Co-production Company: OXO Production, Living Picture

Countries: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia

Two girls, lost in the twisted world of war. Looking to find meaning in a world which makes little sense. A contemporary epic with a comedic perspective on history and the role man plays in it.


Creators/Writers: Nemanja Vojinović, Vladimir Protić

Director: Nemanja Vojinović 

Producers: Nemanja Vojinović, Nada Kostić

Production Company: Rt Dobre Nade

Co-production company: Axis Mundi

Country: Serbia

After a death sentence for planting a bomb in Belgrade Theater, a young terrorist, with the help of a lawyer, tries to prove his innocence by exposing a network of terrorist cells in Yugoslavia.


Creators/Writers: Almin Kaplan, Pjer Žalica

Co-writers: Igor Borozan, Muamer Kodrić

Director: Pjer Žalica

Producers: Aida Huseinović, Pjer Žalica

Production Company: BlackLAB

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

A man whose occupation is death tirelessly fights for life.

* This label does not prejudge the status of Kosovo and is in accordance with Resolution 1244 and the opinion of the ICJ on Kosovo's declaration of independence

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