Main Locations

When you arrive in Sarajevo, it is recommended to visit the main festival locations. First, make sure to stop by the Festival Center - BKC (Bosnian Cultural Center), where you will find the Welcome Desk, Hospitality Desk, Accreditation Desk, and Press Info Desk. These desks are available to guests every day from 09:00 to 19:00.

Your first destination should be the Welcome Desk. There, you will receive your accreditation and the festival's Welcome bag. The Hospitality Desk staff will be at your service, providing additional information about screenings, cinemas, and other events at the Festival.

After that, the next place you need to visit is the Box Office, which is also located in the BKC. Here, you can pick up tickets for the screenings. Tickets can be collected no later than one day before the screening, from 11:00 to 17:00. Upon entering the screening venue, it is mandatory to have both your ticket and accreditation with you. By receiving your accreditation, you accept all the terms and conditions for accreditation and ticket collection at the Festival. In case of losing your accreditation, please inform the accreditation service immediately. Reissuing the accreditation will require a fee of 60.00 KM.