Five-Time Oscar-Winning Director Leads The List Of Lecturers At Slano Film Days

Cuarón will be joined at Slano Film Days by renowned filmmakers Paweł Pawlikowski, Ruben Ostlund, Michel Franco, and Juho Kuosmanen, beloved by audiences, praised by critics, and awarded at the most relevant international film festivals

Alfonso Cuarón, Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor, will share his rich professional experience in an informal and friendly environment at the Slano Film Days, and undoubtedly get inspired by young regional talents, including directors, actors, and cinematographers.

The Golden Lion winner and five-time Oscar winner is one of the best and most versatile directors of our time. Apart from the films Roma (2018) and Gravity (2013), which earned him three and two Oscars respectively, Cuarón's credits also include Children of Men (2006), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Y Tu Mamá También (2001), Great Expectations (1998), and A Little Princess (1995). As a producer, Cuarón has been involved in the making of numerous films, including the short film Le Pupille (2022) by Alice Rohrwacher, which was nominated for an Oscar. Cuarón's production company Esperanto Filmoj is set to release its latest project, the series Disclaimer, starring some of the greatest actors today: Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline, and Oscar nominees Sacha Baron Cohen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Lesley Manville.

Cuarón will be joined at the Slano Film Days by renowned filmmakers Paweł Pawlikowski, Ruben Östlund, Michel Franco, and Juho Kuosmanen. Beloved by audiences, praised by critics, and awarded at the most relevant world film festivals, they share a long-standing professional collaboration and friendship with the event's founder Miro Purivatra.

Paweł Pawlikowski, the eminent Polish director, after making several award-winning documentary films focused on feature films. Both of his first feature films (Last Resort and My Summer of Love) won the BAFTA awards. In 2015, he made the film Ida, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. His film Cold War was awarded Best Director at Cannes in 2018 and was nominated for three Oscars.

Almost all feature films by Swedish director Ruben Östlund, starting with his second feature film Involuntary from 2008, premiered at Cannes. His third feature film Play, released in 2011, won the prestigious Nordic Prize, and his fourth feature film Force Majeure, after winning the Jury Prize at Cannes, was nominated for a Golden Globe and shortlisted for an Oscar. Östlund returned to Cannes with his fifth feature film The Square (2017), which was selected for the official competition and won the Palme d'Or. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar. His sixth feature film Triangle of Sadness won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2022. The film won four major awards at the European Film Awards and was nominated for three Oscars.

Michel Franco is an award-winning Mexican film director whose films are regularly screened at the world's biggest film festivals. His film Sundown premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, and his film New Order won the Grand Jury Prize at the same festival in 2020. His film After Lucia won the Un Certain Regard award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, and his film April's Daughter won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section in 2017. His latest feature film Memory, starring Jessica Chastain, premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2023.

Juho Kuosmanen is a Finnish film, theater, and opera director and writer. His debut feature film The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, which premiered at Cannes in 2016, won the main prize in the Un Certain Regard section. His second feature film Compartment No. 6 premiered at Cannes in 2021 in the main competition and shared the Grand Prix with Asghar Farhadi's film A Hero. Kuosmanen is the co-founder and artistic director of the Kokkolan Kinojuhlat Film Festival.

The complete list of lecturers will be announced in mid-June.

The 2024 Slano Film Days program will be held at the partner hotel, Admiral Grand Hotel. In the evening, Slano will host film screenings by award-winning filmmakers who will attend the Slano Film Days. The first film screening, on the opening night, will take place in the main square in Slano. Other film screenings will take place in the garden of Villa Riva, where informal networking of all participants and guests of the Slano Film Days will also take place.

The Slano Film Days’ partner is the most prestigious film festival in Southeast Europe, the Sarajevo Film Festival, which will organize CineLink Workshops, as part of the Slano Film Days, with the aim of developing new film projects. These workshops began about ten years ago in Slano, where film professionals, in a unique atmosphere, refine their ideas and projects to present them in the best possible way at the Sarajevo Film Festival's CineLink Co-production Market in August.

The participation of filmmakers and students from the region at the Slano Film Days is supported by regional film centers and funds through partnerships with the Slano Film Days: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Center Serbia, Film Centre of Montenegro, Slovenian Film Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency, and the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Slano Film Days will take place in Slano and on the Elafiti Islands 18-22 June 2024.

All information about the program and events of the Slano Film Days is available on the official website and on social media.

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