Survey for the audience and guests of the Sarajevo Film Festival on sustainable development

Sarajevo Film Festival has been adapting its activities for several years to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure a green environment for all of us.

To make even more progress towards a Net Zero future - Festival with a zero pollution rate, the Festival invites its guests and audience to join in fulfilling these goals.

Sarajevo Film Festival conducts research among its audience and guests, through a survey, and the implementation of this research was supported by the Green Club, which consists of MPs/representatives of the parliament in BiH, with the support of the United Nations Development Program in BiH (UNDP BiH).

According to the survey conducted among about 500 guests and the audience, the initial results showed a significant understanding of the importance of environmental responsibility, especially when it comes to the choice of transportation and food. When it comes to food options at the festival's Eating Point, the results of the survey show that 60% of participants are interested in a wider range of vegan and vegetarian options.
Although traveling with internal combustion engine cars is still not a reality for many, an increasing number of respondents are choosing the 'green' travel option. 5% of them come to the Sarajevo Film Festival in electric cars, and 8% use rail transport. This data is an important step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and proves that each individual contribution can be significant in achieving sustainability goals.

The survey is available HERE, and we ask everyone interested to join Sarajevo Film Festival’s efforts to preserve the environment.

The survey will enable the Festival to better understand the perspectives and needs of its participants - audience and guests, and to shape customized steps towards a sustainable future.

The final results of the research will be published later.

Thank you for your help and thank you for being with us at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival.
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