CineLink Industry Days Reveals Projects Selected for CineLink Drama

The selection for this year's edition of CineLink Drama has been announced, featuring six highly promising drama series from Southeast Europe.

The programme serves as a co-financing forum, presenting projects in development to influential broadcasters, VoD and SVoD operators, and distributors from both Europe and the region. CineLink Drama has been specifically designed to cater to the evolving needs of the regional broadcasting industry.

By bringing together professionals from diverse fields such as screenwriting, production, direction, and broadcasting, CineLink Drama strives to foster creativity and collaboration within the Southeast European television industry. It serves as a platform for pitching and developing original TV series projects, while also providing valuable networking opportunities and industry insights.

Participants of CineLink Drama will take part in an online prep workshop in July, which will serve as a foundation for their projects. The culmination of their preparation will be showcased during the Sarajevo Film Festival, where they will present their projects at the highly anticipated pitching session on August 15.

Furthermore, CineLink Drama offers two prestigious awards: the Croatian Audiovisual Center Drama Award, which includes a prize of €15,000, and the TV Drama Vision Pitch Award, where one project is selected for presentation at the TV Drama Vision event in Göteborg.


Creators/Writers/Directors: Andrey Volkashin, Peter Vulchev
Producers: Pece Taleski, Ilija Tilicovski
Production company: OXO Production
Countries: North Macedonia, Bulgaria

After she accidentally poisons her gangster fiance, clumsy sweetheart Vaska runs away with his money to fulfill her biggest dream to become a pop star, mentored by the short-tempered prostitute Eboni.


Creators: Tea Korolija, Maja Todorović, Srđan Saper
Writers: Tena Štivčić, Maja Todorović, Sladjana Perković, Ana Miloš, Staša Koprivica, Ljiljana Ćuk
Producers: Marija Vićić, Filip Đorić, Mirjana Jovašević
Production company: Adrenalin
Co-production Company: Two Rivers
Country: Serbia

The anthology series explores aspects of romantic relationships by entering the essence of relationships and the psychology of the characters and the way society and the environment affect them.


Creator: Aleksandar Arsovski
Writers: Nikolina Bogdanović, Maja Sviben
Director: Filip Heraković
Producers: Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković
Production company: Wolfgang i Dolly
Country: Croatia

When you don't know, the truth is exactly what you decide it to be.


Creators: Igor Cobileanski, Daniel Mitulescu
Writer/Director: Igor Cobileanski
Producer: Daniel Mitulescu
Production company: Metropolis Film
Countries: Romania, Moldova

Extraordinary stories taking place in S-E Europe raise questions about what a miracle is and how it can influence our ordinary life and, ultimately, who we are as humans today. Inspired by true events.


Creator: Olesia Lukianenko
Writer: Iryna Zhygaliuk
Producers: Olesia Lukianenko, Kateryna Vyshnevska
Production company: FILM.UA Group
Country: Ukraine

When her son is wrongly accused of murder, Tanya dares to challenge the criminal-justice system and tracks down the serial killer who hasn’t gotten caught for over 20 years.


Creators: Nisan Dağ, Müge Özen
Writer/Director: Nisan Dağ
Producer: Müge Özen
Production company: Solis Film
Country: Turkey

In 1808, when daring Sultan Esma ascends to the throne of the Ottoman Empire as its first woman ruler, she battles against vicious opposition from the patriarchy with her band of female warriors.

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