Regional premiere of EXILE

You can watch the regional premiere of EXILE, a feature film by Kosovar director Visar Morina in the Competition Programme - Feature Film today. Film was screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival and Berlinale.

You can watch the film at, where it will be available for the next seven days.
Xhafer, a 45-year-old, Kosovo-born pharmaceutical engineer living in Germany, suddenly feels discriminated against and bullied at work because of his ethnic background. When he finds a dead rat hanging on the gate in front of his home, it is immediately clear to him that his racist colleagues could be behind it. Every occurrence, every word, every gesture is taken as evidence. Xhafer’s uneasiness grows every day. His German wife Nora is tired of him playing the race card all the time. Do his colleagues simply dislike him? Or is there more to their hostility? Is this all in his mind or is it the actual reality? As Xhafer loses his job, his wife and his family, he walks a delicate tightrope between his life as an integrated, middle-class family man, and foreigner in his adopted country.
Director: Visar Morina
Cast: Mišel Matičević, Sandra Hüller, Rainer Bock, Thomas Mraz, Flonja Kodheli
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